The following rules and regulations are in effect for the operation of Wings Flying Club (Club). It is the intent of the Board of Directors (Board) to keep the number of rules to a minimum and thereby to provide for the greatest flexibility in utilizing the Club’s equipment. However, to continue this policy, it is necessary that each member continue to use good judgment and show courtesy and consideration for the needs of the other members. These rules may be changed as the Board of Directors of the Corporation sees fit at any regular or special meeting and are not considered as any part of the Corporation Bylaws..


1. On cross-country flights, members will be charged regular rates for elapsed flying time only. However, the Corporation may set special rates for flights of long duration if so decided at any regular or special meeting.


2. No member with less than a private certificate shall willfully make landings on any field except an approved landing field unless accompanied by a qualified instructor


3. When a Corporation airplane(s) is away from the home airport, it shall be hangared if possible or properly staked down. The member in charge of the Corporation’s airplane(s) shall be responsible for hangar or tie-down charges..


4. No member shall fly the Corporation airplanes until all controls and instruments are fully understood and the member has shown an ability to handle the aircraft properly


5. Federal Aviation Rules and field rules must be observed at all times.


6. Candidates for potential membership may take one discovery flight under the instruction of a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) who is a member of the Corporation, and shall submit a membership application to the Corporation before taking any further instructional flights. Only instructors who are club members and who have been authorized by the board may provide instruction in club aircraft.


7. Check rides shall be scheduled with an active club member holding an authorized Instructor’s Certificate in the category and class in the following situations:


A. Each new member holding at least a Private Pilot Certificate prior to solo flight in the Corporation aircraft;


B. If no time logged in category and class exceeds three months.


8. Members holding a Student Pilot Certificate who have successfully completed a solo flight in 8994V and who subsequently successfully complete a solo flight in 2214M under the supervision of a club CFI may conduct solo training in 2214M as long as the student is signed off by the CFI to conduct such training.


9.Any damage or defective condition, regardless of cause or importance, shall be reported at once to the Plane Captain of that airplane, the President, or other club officer or director by telephone as soon as practical after discovery of the condition, and also recorded in the flight logbook of the airplane.


10. The Corporation shall reimburse the members for any fuel, oil and maintenance charges incurred during the use of the airplane. Receipts must be turned in to the Treasurer prior to reimbursement.


11. Aircraft shall be reserved prior to use by scheduling them with the Schedulemaster system.  The Wings Flying Club Scheduler can be accessed by either of two ways:


A. Internet Access:

      1. With a Java-Enabled Browser, go to

                  2. Click on “Live Scheduling”

                  3. Enter your user name and password

                  4. Select “Schedule Aircraft”

                  5. Block in the desired aircraft, date, and starting and ending times

                  6. Select the appropriate type (Local or Cross Country) and applicable restriction (VFR Only)


B. Touch Tone Telephone Access:

                1. Dial 1-888-417-1333

                2. Follow prompts provided to schedule airplanes or maintenance


All members are required to access the system and alter their schedule if:


            A. Conditions are encountered that would delay return.


            B. The period of use is canceled or reduced.

If a club member who has scheduled an airplane has not started using the aircraft within thirty (30) minutes after the scheduled starting time, the reservation will be forfeited and any other club member may use the airplane.


Except for Certified Flight Instructors, club members may have no more than two reservations for airplanes at any time.


12. No activity, unless connected directly with aviation or promotion of flying activities of the Corporation, shall be financed by proceeds from flying time, dues or membership fees.


13. For extended cross-country trips, each member shall be entitled to nine (9) overnights per calendar year in the Club aircraft.


Only one (1) overnight may be a Friday night and only one (1) overnight may be a Saturday night.


The overnights may or may not be consecutive.


Any additional time must be specifically approved by the Board prior to reserving the airplane.


Members should not tie up the equipment unnecessarily; i.e., weekend to Knox or LaPorte.



14. An assessment made for and collected for a special purpose which is not spent for the purpose thereof, and collected within sixty (60) days thereafter, shall not be refunded to the member from whom said assessment or levy was made and .





The initiation fee is a one-time charge and is non-refundable except as outlined in Article III Section 4 of the bylaws. Student members may upgrade to regular membership, subject to Board approval, by paying the difference between their current membership fee and the regular membership fee. Student pilot members MUST either be upgraded to regular membership or the student member must resign from Club by the end of the month he or she obtains a private pilot certificate


REGULAR- $500.00 covers regular membership and allows the member to fly all the Club’s aircraft.


STUDENT- $100.00 covers the student pilot membership fee. Students may fly only with an approved CFI who is a member of the Corporation or on solo flights with the approval and under the supervision of a club-approved instructor. Regardless of license or ratings held, student members are restricted to flight operations allowed under the FAA Student Pilot Certificate.


RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP- Former Regular Members, who resigned from the club in good standing, may rejoin the club by reapplying for membership and paying one-half the regular membership fee. Application for membership shall be in accordance with procedures given in the By-Laws (Article I), governing new members.


FAMILY MEMBERSHIP- A Family Membership discount may be extended to family members (spouse, son(s), daughter(s), step-children, parents, brother(s), sister(s), step-parents, step-siblings) of an active regular club member in good standing. This membership shall become effective with the payment of an initial non-refundable fee of one-half of the appropriate membership fee. Upon payment of said fee, the family member shall then be an active member and shall be entitled to all the rights and benefits of the Corporation. Family members who join as student members shall be able to upgrade to become full members by paying half of the difference between student and full membership fees, provided the original member remains a member in good standing.


ASSOCIATE FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR- This temporary class of membership is created for the purpose of increasing the number of flight instructors available for Wings members and will be reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors. Associate Flight Instructors must be voted into membership  by the Board of Directors and must pass a club orientation before being permitted to instruct using club aircraft. The initiation fee is waived for Associate Flight Instructors. They are assessed regular monthly dues. Associate Flight Instructors may use club aircraft only to provide Discovery flights, to provide instruction to Wings members, and for the purposes of maintaining currency as required by the FAA..


FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR WAIVER OF DUES- Monthly membership dues will be waived for Associate Flight Instructors and Regular Member CFIs who have at least one active student for that month. To receive this credit, the student -instructor relationship must be noted in the aircraft flight log for each flight.


All new Regular, Student and Associate Flight Instructor members will be issued airplane and hangar keys and an application for a hangar access security badge. A refundable deposit of $25.00 will be required. Should the member lose his or her keys, the deposit will be forfeited, and another $25.00 deposit will be required for a replacement set of keys. Upon resignation or termination of membership, the $25.00 deposit will be refunded only after the keys and security badge are returned to a club officer.


15. Each member’s dues and assessments for fixed monthly expenses shall be set by the Board of Directors and are payable by the first day of the month. Deadlines for payment and consequences for late or delinquent accounts are set out in Article II, Section 4, of the corporation bylaws.


16. Members will be charged for aircraft use on a per hour basis as measured by tach time. These rates include the cost of fuel and oil. The Board of Directors may change the flying rates as required to meet operating expenses.


17. At the completion of each flight, pilots must record in the flight logbook in each airplane the following information: Starting and ending tach time; duration of the flight; any squawks or maintenance issues; if a student pilot, initials of the instructor and whether the flight is a solo flight; and any other information deemed important.


18. A request must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors for approval prior to flying any club aircraft outside the continental United States.


19. No member will be permitted to fly Corporation aircraft if the club’s Secretary, or his/her designee, does not have on file a current pilot certificate number, evidence of Medical Certificate currency and date of last biennial flight review or Pilot Proficiency Award Certificate ( does not apply to student pilots).


20. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden in club aircraft. Violators of this rule are subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.


21. Carrying of dogs, cats, birds and other animals considered household pets is NOT permitted in club aircraft.